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Ahead of the Cruise 2025 show at the city’s home of modern art, the House explores its historic connection to London.
In 1897, the House’s founder Guccio Gucci headed to London, finding work as a porter at The Savoy hotel. Energized by the city’s vibrant spirit, he returned to Florence to open a travel goods store, with the aspiration to narrate, through his luggage, a new way of living. More than a century later, the notion of London as a place of cultural convergence still holds true, as do its parallels with the House’s constant process of self-discovery, forever calling on archival elements that anchor its heritage-inspired narrative.  Inspired by multiple journeys to London over time, Creative Director Sabato De Sarno seeks to capture the city’s essence. Connected, both in heritage and spirit, London and Tate Modern become the ideal settings to showcase Sabato De Sarno’s vision for the Cruise 2025 show.
Discover more about Gucci’s founding story and its connection with London in a special episode of the Gucci Podcast episode featuring writer Charlie Porter.
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