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Book a virtual appointment with a client advisor in our digital showroom
Visit our Digital Showroom for personal styling, a selection of pieces from the latest collections and bespoke guidance on gifting. Your virtual appointment will take place through a one-way video call, meaning your Client Advisor won’t be able to see you. 
Book a Virtual Appointment
Schedule a visit to our Digital Showroom whenever suits you best. Once you pick the date and time, a Client Advisor will contact you to confirm and plan your Gucci Live appointment.
Your camera will remain off during your appointment.
Instant Virtual Appointment
A Client Advisor is available to welcome you in our Digital Showroom right now.
Your camera will remain off during your appointment.
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You can customize selected bags, luggage, belts, and leather accessories either online, when you collect your order in-store, or by bringing them to a boutique once they arrive if you used home delivery. Additionally, you can enjoy exclusive engraving on selected decor and jewelry, available only in Gucci boutiques.