Gucci Services
Personalize your experience
Delivery & Returns
From complimentary shipping, returns, and exchanges to order tracking, tailor every detail to suit you
Complimentary shipping & returns
Enjoy shipping in 1-2 business days and easy returns and exchange with no extra cost.
Order Tracking
Once your order is on its way, we will send you a tracking number by email. If you have registered for a MY GUCCI account, you can sign in for delivery updates online or in the App.
Virtual & In Store Appointments
Exclusively available when you register with MY GUCCI, book an appointment virtually in our Digital Showroom or in-person in a boutique of your choice for advice on everything from styling and gifting to aftercare.
Gucci Live
Discover Gucci Live, a virtual shopping experience with a dedicated Client Advisor in our Digital Showroom. During your private appointment, you can explore personalized styling advice, gifting recommendations, and explore selected pieces from the latest collections.
Book an Appointment
Enjoy priority access to the boutique of your choice at the time and date that suits you. When you arrive, your Client Advisor will guide you through a hand-picked selection of pieces for you to try-on and style.
Packaging & Gifting
Whether it’s a gift for someone else or yourself, give your order a personalized feel with our gifting options.
Choose between our online exclusive tote or boutique shopping bag to give your order the perfect finish.
The silver envelope for gift messages, it is decorated with the Gucci logo on the front and Horsebit on the back.
The silver envelope for gift messages, it is decorated with the Gucci logo on the front and Horsebit on the back.
Personalized Message
Add a personal touch by writing a note that will be included inside your order.
Add a unique touch with complimentary embossing and engraving.
Emboss select bags, luggage, belts, leather accessories, and items from the pet’s collection with initials to create a truly unique piece.
Exclusively In-store
Explore engraving for select jewellery, decor, and pet items, along with an extended range of symbols and colours for embossing at our boutiques. You can either visit our store directly or bring an item you ordered online once it arrives.
Authenticity & MY GUCCI Account
From authenticity to personalization, tailor your Gucci experience to your needs.
Gucci Tag
Check your item’s authenticity with Gucci Tag, a feature in the App which reads a product’s NFC.
Register for effortless order tracking, a personalized space to save favourites, delivery addresses and preferred payment methods, plus expert guidance from our Client Advisors.
May we help you?
Find out everything you need to know about the Gucci universe with a Client Advisor.