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Social responsibility across the value chain

Caring of our employees

All of our products are made in Italy using the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Gucci endorses the development of each worker’s professional skills and competencies, recognizing the value of diversity and equal opportunities, improving behavioral factors and ensuring that the potential and creativity of individuals are fully realized from a professional point of view. With this in mind, we hold the most important international standards as our reference.

Sustainable supply chain management

The protection and valorization of our manufacturing districts is part of our mission. We promote best practices and economic sustainability along the entire manufacturing supply chain, for the purposes of:

  • Strengthening already strong ties with the community and manufacturing areas which contribute daily to the creation of well-crafted high-quality products that raise the local territories business profile around the world.

  • Supporting creativity, research and development, also in regards to ongoing innovation in techniques and materials.

In continuing to focus on and work towards excellence and ensuring respect for international standards and the principles of sustainability that Gucci follows, the company performs audits every year for its suppliers and subcontractors.

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