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Operating efficiently in respect of the planet

Gucci believes that the commitment to fighting against climate change is not only essential for safeguarding the planet, but is also essential to ensuring competitiveness. We have implemented a worldwide, eco-friendly program designed to progressively reduce the company’s impact on the environment.

Kering has developed an innovative tool, the Environmental Profit & Loss (E P&L), which makes the invisible impacts of business visible, quantifiable and comparable. We are openly sharing the EP&L methodology we developed at Kering so that you too can discover the edge.

Gucci’s environmental plan includes:

  • Energy saving in all Gucci stores, offices, warehouses and supply chain;

  • Distribution and transportation optimization;

  • Use of paper and packaging sourced from certified sustainably managed forests (FSC);

  • Reduction of waste, paper and water in all offices, warehouses, stores, production sites and supply chain;

  • Increased attention to the use and management of chemicals;

  • Development of innovative environmentally-friendly materials;

  • Sustainable sourcing and traceability of raw materials, in respect of nature, biodiversity, animal welfare and local communities.

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