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Gucci Timepieces has been creating watches since the early Seventies, combining Swiss precision and Italian style. Recognized for their design, quality and craftsmanship, the many styles of the maison have become classics for men and women. The Gucci 1921 collection is named after the year of foundation of Guccio Gucci’s House, the G-Frame and the Twirl are fashionable pieces, as the Marina Chain and the G-Gucci lines, all presenting Gucci identifiers. For the men’s collections, the Gucci Coupé is recognizable for its vintage allure, the G-Timeless and its many lines offers a vast choice for elegant or sporty times, as well. Rooting in Gucci’s heritage, all timepieces present Gucci icons, such as G-shaped bezels, red-green-red straps, or Horsebit clasps.
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Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Gucci Timepieces launched a new version of the Bamboo Timepiece, designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini and crafted by skilled artisans from natural bamboo and stainless steel. As with the iconic Bamboo bag handles, each piece of bamboo is shaped and carved by hand before becoming a key element of the timepiece. This exclusive collection for women has a round case and is available in three variants: with a black, brown or silver sun-brushed dial. Bamboo is inlaid around the bezel and is also used on the bangle, which also includes the Gucci Horsebit motif on the clasp and bangle links. The Bamboo timepiece, with its iconic signature, is a homage to Gucci Timepiece’s craftsmanship.

The Gucci Timepieces Heritage selection comprises three watch assortments: the iconic 'G', the Heritage and the Timeless Elegance. The new feminine interpretation of the renowned double 'G' symbol is featured in the Interlocking watch collection where the initials of the House founder, Guccio Gucci decorate the case of these elegant timepieces. Other examples of how the iconic 'G' motif successfully translates into appealing watch designs can be found on the Twirl, the G-Gucci, and the G-Frame collections. The Heritage models represent the long tradition of Gucci’s leather craftsmanship and innovative design as for the Gucci 1921 timepiece collection, the Gucci Coupé and G-Timeless models. All collections are available in precious versions, represented in the Timeless Elegance selection, and  perfectly combining Swiss watchmaking with luxury.

The range of Gucci Timepieces sports-style watches for men and women suit a range of looks from casual chic to relaxed elegance, whether it’s a dressed-down day on deck or a stylish motoring weekend. Our signature models, including the I-Gucci, Gucci Coupé, G-Timeless, U-Play, Twirl, and G-Chrono come in original and sporty variants. These timepieces incorporate Gucci icons, many of which are inspired by noble sporting pastimes and leisure activities. From the Horsebit and the web stripe, both taken from the equestrian world, to the use of perforated leather, recalling Gucci’s design collaborations for sports cars, these details subtly reference the different worlds that have long provided inspiration for the Italian fashion house.

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Gucci introduced the Gucci 1921 watch collection, designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini and named after the year in which Guccio Gucci founded the Florentine House. The women’s line of this collection boasts a design that fuses classic and contemporary: the sophisticated square shape of the timepiece references the aesthetics of the Twenties, while creating a modern style. Each piece is distinguished by a unique leather-clad case, in a choice of black, dark brown, camel or white calfskin. The leather straps complement the dials with either matching or contrasting shades of black and dark brown or white. Both the bracelet and the clasp feature Gucci's iconic Horsebit.

The stylish U-Play Collection from Gucci Timepieces offers total adaptability, as the wearer can modify the timepiece according to their fashion. The U-Play was designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini and is an example of Giannini’s ability to reinterpret classic Gucci luxury in a confident and modern vision. The U-Play range is distinguished by its appealing rounded shape and a delightful palette of interchangeable sets composed of bezels, straps and bangles, available in a wide array of coordinating colors and materials. Each bezel is covered in a matching material and is available in two sizes, the 27mm for a more classic style and in 35mm for a more high-fashion look. The U- Play Collection is designed for modern women who wish to indulge their playful spirit and interchange different looks, to fully express their individuality.

“Music, much like film, is such a vibrant part of today’s culture and it also frequently provides inspiration for my work as a designer,” states Frida Giannini. “As a fashion house with a rich history built over 90 years, Gucci is proud to be at the forefront of initiatives like this that support the preservation of the arts. It’s an honor to partner with The Recording Academy®, which is not only considered to be one of the world’s leading music authorities, but also a guardian of some of the greatest musical milestones.” On this foundation, Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry and The Recording Academy have signed an exclusive three-year partnership inspired by the GRAMMY® Awards, and leading to the creation of the Gucci-GRAMMY® collection, featuring a special-edition of I-Gucci timepieces, and jewelry pieces.

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