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All Gucci jewelry is handcrafted by highly skilled Italian goldsmiths and the high-end jewelry collection is the epitome of impeccable craftsmanship. Luxury is defined by the choice of precious materials, the uniqueness of each design and the meticulous attention to detail. Gucci Jewelry offers Italian-made designs that can be worn everyday and treasured forever. All emblematic of Gucci’s universe, the Horsebit jewelry collections is inspired by the world of horse riding and sailing, the traditional Bamboo and Diamantissima lines recall Gucci’s roots, and the Icon and Silver collections represent the most modern and contemporary of these versatile collections.

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First introduced in the Forties as an innovative solution to the lack of raw materials during World War II, the iconic stem shape of Gucci’s hugely popular Bamboo range was translated into jewelry in 1971. Today, Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini has successfully interpreted the graceful form of the bamboo plant across rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in the Sterling Silver collection, an eye-catching combination of contemporary and classic design. The collection features handcrafted bamboo wood details that adorn a range of jewelry pieces elegantly finished in shiny palladium. The strikingly seductive Silver line reproduces the iconic and instantly recognizable bamboo shape.

The Diamantissima jewelry collection is inspired by the Diamante Canvas, an exclusive criss-cross pattern created in the mid Thirties, and first used on canvas luggage, providing a chic and innovative solution to the leather shortage of the pre-war era. This motif was a precursor to the famous GG logo which would later become Gucci’s globally recognized and iconic symbol. The Diamantissima motif is expressed in its most luxurious form when translated into Gucci jewelry, as seen in the Diamantissima range of simple and modern rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The collection is available in 18kt yellow, white, or pink gold, with or without diamonds. The Diamantissima motid adorns each item, etched or cast in an open weave design, enriched with a revolutionary technique known as “cathedral enameling”.

Gucci’s Sterling Silver Collection comprises an elegant set of sleek pieces with a thoroughly modern allure. From the highly popular Britt line, to the urban aesthetics of the Dog Tag range, Gucci displays unique craftsmanship and savoir-faire in the domain of silver jewelry. The Sterling Silver Collection showcases a variety of fine techniques and detailing, such as the remarkable mirrored ‘G’ carved into silver, heart or butterfly and the engraving of Gucci’s trademark – the ‘Made in Italy’ quality guarantee. Timeless and contemporary, Gucci’s Silver Collection is also available for men, as in the Diamantissima collection presenting the iconic Diamante pattern, and the Crest collection featuring a crest with a knight in armor introduced in the early Fifties, or the collection displaying the square G motif, symbolizing the innovative design of Gucci since its introduction in the early Seventies.

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