Gucci / Ambulante Grant

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Gucci/Ambulante Grant

In 2007 Gucci commemorated the opening of the company’s first store in Mexico by developing a unique partnership with Ambulante Gira de Documentales to establish the Gucci/Ambulante Grant to support the production, development and exhibition of top level documentary filmmaking in Mexico.


Founded in 2006 by Pablo Cruz and actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, Ambulante Gira de Documentales is the first traveling film festival in Mexico.
Ambulante is carried out through Documentale Ambulante A.C., a non-profit organization that aims primarily to circulate documentary film projects through festivals in Mexico. Ambulante brings documentary films to places where they are rarely seen, to build an audience that can actively participate in the re-imagining of a diversified media culture and to transform the cinematic landscape in Mexico.

The Gucci/Ambulante Grant provides grants totaling $80,000 to a minimum of two filmmakers each year and is administered by Ambulante. Applicants may include starting and experienced filmmakers, and they must be Mexican citizens.
Funded Documentaries


El Lugar Más Pequeño / The Smallest Place by Tatiana Huezo
This is the story of Citera, a small town in the middle of El Salvador’s mountains, where scars from the 80s Civil War remain. An intimate portrait of two generations of survivors.

El Cielo Abierto / The Open Sky by Everardo González

A personal diary of Monsignor Oscar Romero, famous for defending human rights in El Salvador during the Civil War and being murdered because of it.  Told by the people that knew him, were defended by him, and were inspired by his acts.
Funded Documentaries

Mosca / The Fly by Bulmaro Osornio
“The Fly” is a Mexico City night cab driver, widower, and father of two daughters. Between his daily work and the memory of his wife, he improvises on parenthood. A dialogue with a man, his loneliness, his nostalgia, and his rebellion against reality.
Funded Documentaries


La Guerrera / The Warrior by Paulina del Paso
La Cuerda Floja / The Tight Rope by Nuria Ibañez


El Árbol Olvidado / The Forgotten Tree by Luis Rincón
Los Que Se Quedan / Those Who Remain by Juan Carlos Rulfo and Carlos Hagerman


El General / The General by Natalia Almada
Presunto Culpable / Presumed Guilty by Roberto Hernández
Trazando Aleida / Tracing Aleida by Christiane Burkhard

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