Caffè and Restaurant


opening hours: everyday 10.00am-11.00pm

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The ground floor hosts the Gucci caffè and restaurant, a meeting space that not only welcomes visitors into the museum, but also provides a new and attractive gathering place for Florentines and tourists alike.

In the spirit of today's connected age, visitors may take advantage of a social area for a coffee or to go online using the museum’s wireless network.

The philosophy of the restaurant is to offer a seasonal menu made from local biological ingredients sourced from the region of Tuscany and close by.

You will find the complete menu on page 3 of this article.
Restaurant Menu- all prices in euro

- Chicken liver pâté on toasted bread - 8,00
- Grilled corn flour crostini with maremma’s blue cheese and red chicory - 9,00
- Toasted bread with black cabbage and white beans - 9,00
- Mashed chickpeas with steamed octopus - 12,00
- Artichocke timbale with ricotta cheese, chicory and bread waffle - 12,00
- Selection of Tuscan cold cuts with oil preserved vegetables - 14,00
Pasta and Rice

- Corn porridge, black cabbage and vegetables soup with extra virgin olive oil from Chianti - 8,00
- Short spelt’s pasta with artichoke, onions and organic goat cheese - 9,00
- Creamed risotto with broccoli, organic stracchino cheese and Mugello’s safron - 9,00
- Handmade tortelli stuffed with fresh ricotta cheese and spinach, with roast beef sauce and seasoned sheep cheese - 12,00
- Handmade “Pici” thick noodles pasta with fresh anchovies, sundried tomatoes, chili pepper, and bread crumbs - 12,00
- Spaghettini with clams, peeled tomatoesand Orbetello’s air dried mullet roe “bottarga” - 14,00
Meat and Fish

- Grilled chicken breast with sautèed chicory and white beans - 18,00
- Mixed boiled meat and vegetables with Tuscan mustard and green sauce  - 20,00
- Pork chop with mustard sauce with mashed red potatoes and black cabbage stew - 20,00
- Hake and steamed vegetables with yogurt sauce and green apples - 22,00
- Beef fillet with deep fried potatoes and deep fried artichokes - 24,00

- Vegetarian salad with cabbages, fennels, pomegranate and chicory - 10,00
- Tuscan ham with mozzarella cheese and mixed salads - 12,00
- Organic goat cheese with seasonal grilled vegetables, sun dried tomatoes and mixed chicory - 12,00
- Raw artichockes, celery, mixed lettuce and organic sheep cheese flakes - 12,00
All cheeses are organic production and are served with fruit or vegetables jams

-Fresh Tuscan “DOP” sheep cheese - 7,00
-Pienza’s seasoned sheep cheese - 7,00
-Seasoned goats cheese - 7,00
-Uncooked sheep cheese - 7,00
-Selection of Tuscan cheeses - 14,00

- Apple and blueberry soft puff pastry with cream vanilla sauce - 8,00
- Cheese cake with red fruits sauce
- Dark chocolate cake filled with custard cream and orange sauce - 8,00
- Clementines and vanilla ice cream with amaretti’s crumbs - 8,00
- Fruit salad with red apples, clementines, chestnuts, walnuts, pomegranate and cinnamon - 8,00

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