The Shoe Artisan Corner

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Since 2009, Gucci’s most skilled artisans have been travelling the world and showcasing their expertise in leather handbags through The Gucci Artisan Corner- the exclusive occasion that brings the craftsmanship of the House’s Florentine factory directly to its clientele. Now for the first time in Australia, the House’s shoe craftsmen will join the Artisan Corner to display their work on signature  styles and demonstrate expert techniques used in the shoe making process. Customers can witness firsthand the meticulous attention to detail and superb handwork that is involved in the production of every item in Gucci’s leather goods collection.
The Artisan Corner display includes custom work tables, a sewing machine, a leather stand, and metal tools, as well as additional background materials which show the shoes’ evolution mood board to sketches. The craftsmen will focus on two unique Gucci models - the 1953 loafer and the Made To Order Anton.

Designed in celebration of the legendary horsebit loafer’s sixtieth anniversary, the 1953 collection features a unique tubular construction that requires exceptional skill in its crafting. Only select shoemakers possess the expertise for this highly specialized operation: the tubular process consists of a specific upper which encloses the entire foot, leaving exposed only the vamp part, upon which the “tube” is sewn. In this construction the insole is absent, so that the shoe is light, pliable and comfortable. For decades Gucci’s artisans have employed this tradition and passed it down across generations. Now at the Artisan Corner, customers can view different phases of this handwork including, sewing, dying, and assembling.
Meanwhile, the Made to Order Anton is characterised by the specialised workmanship on the sole, the use of remarkably soft calfskin and daubing to apply colour to the shoe. At the Artisan Corner, craftsmen show the work involved in the daubing process to achieve the striking “chiaroscuro” (light-dark) effect that characterises the rich colour of each shoe.

Customers who purchase a pair of shoes may have the artisan personalise them with an exclusive metal plaque embossed with the location and date.
In addition, an adjacent area will showcase Gucci’s line of Goodyear shoes, which are characterised by impeccable workmanship and refined artisanal techniques. The selection of quality materials provides for a superior shoe, true to the House’s luxury codes. The construction of these shoes is characterised by a system that first joins the insole, outsole and welt and subsequently, the welt to the sole.  Craftsmanship combined with the most luxurious materials provides the height of durability and comfort in the unparalleled Gucci Goodyear shoes.

The Shoe Artisan Corner will debut in the Sydney Flagship store from May 21- May 23, Gucci The Star on May 25 and will conclude in Melbourne Chadstone from May 28- May 30

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